Who is River of Life?

People of Faith:

We are a community of authentic people who are being transformed day by day into the image of God through the ministry of Jesus Christ who is the full expression of God to mankind. We know we have been accepted by God just as we are but that He loves us too much to leave us unchanged.

People of Love:

We are people who have experienced God’s love, acceptance, and forgiveness and, as a result, offer that same experience to others.  As we journey together  in resurrection life, we experience a common faith in Jesus Christ resulting in an uncommon love for God and our neighbor.

People of Hope:

We are a people that live in the knowledge that the kingdom of God has come and is coming. Because of this knowledge, we believe the rules of living have changed and we seek to reveal God’s kingdom in the present age by embodying the kingdom values of righteousness, peace, and joy. Further, we fully expect to experience signs evidencing the kingdom’s arrival including, but not limited to, miracles, divine healing, tongues, and prophetic utterances.

People of Peace

We are a people who embrace our role as kingdom ambassadors, and as such we accept that we have been given the ministry of reconciliation. This includes being peacemakers in the world, working to resolve conflict and injustice in all its forms as well as reconciling men and women with their Creator.

People of the Spirit

We are people who fully embrace the Holy Spirit as God and celebrate His role in teaching, guiding, and transforming us into the image of God. We depend on Him to illuminate Scripture to us, and to equip, transform, and empower us for ministry through a diversity of spiritual gifts. Wherever we see Him at work, whether inside or outside the Church, we will cooperate with Him in the fulfillment of God’s mission on Earth.

People in Ecumenical Community:

We are people who value the entire community of the faithful including those outside of our familiar traditions. We celebrate the multi-faceted nature of Christ’s Church and glean from its history and scope. We recognize that we are in community with believers who have gone before us and seek to learn from their experiences. We recognize that we are in community with believers who will come after us and seek to leave a trustworthy and faith-filled legacy to them.

Pentecostal People:

We are people who embrace the name “Pentecostal” and all of the best that designation has to offer. We value experiential worship that involves the spirit, the mind, and the physical body. Our worship is often energetic and spontaneous, but at the same time it is “decent and in order.” Depending on our experience of the Holy Spirit, our worship expression will range from contemplative prayer to the primal shout.