Welcome to River of Life Church!

PraiseTeamWhen you arrive at River of Life you will find people from all walks of life.  You will notice that you won’t see all of the men wearing suits and ties and all of the women wearing fancy dresses because that is just not important.  If you want to wear a tie or that new dress you just got on sale – great!  If you don’t – that’s great too!

There will be people at the door to warmly welcome you and hand you a bulletin that we publish each week.  By the way, there is an information card in there we would love for you to fill out…but we’ll get back to that in a minute.

If you have kids, someone will offer to take you back to either the nursery, preschool, or children’s ministry area, check yourLobby child in, and introduce you to a staff member who will be teaching and caring for your little one(s) during the service.  If you have any special instructions or needs in this area, just let us know!

When you enter into the sanctuary, there will probably be some music playing and people milling around and visiting.  You can be sure that someone will greet you again, and you are welcome to just find a place and make yourself comfortable.  We have theater seats!

PastorSermonWhen the music starts up, you will notice right away that we love to sing.  People will be standing, clapping, lifting their hands – someone might even do a little dance!  But hey, we’re celebrating a great God, right?  So join in any way you want – loud or quiet, radical or conservative just worship the Lord with us.

When our pastor preaches, you will be treated to a sermon that is coupled with a graphic presentation, and you will find the sermon to be easy to follow.  Oh, yeah – bring a Bible if you have one.  If you don’t, that’s okay too.  Just let us know and we’ll share with you.

Finally, remember that information card you filled out?  If you will fill it in and give it back to the volunteer stationed at the information kiosk in the lobby, we would love to give you a small gift in return.  And we won’t sell your name to a junk mailer or anything like that – we just want to have a record of your visit so we can connect with you and your family in whatever way you are comfortable with.

See you this weekend!